Terms & Conditions (Exide App)

  1. To qualify for the Exide-ing staff incentive, one must be a registered employee of Midas with the following documentation.
    – A South African ID
    – Work permit if the employee is from abroad
    – A South African mobile number
  2. In order to earn Exide rewards, staff members of Midas must sell Exide batteries to their customers. (All other batteries will not earn Exide rewards)
  3. Midas staff must give consent to receive communication and share their details with First National Battery.
  4. Midas staff must at all times be wearing the Exide caps and promote the Exide brand in order to earn their rewards upon a sale.
  5. To register, Midas staff members must sign up by visiting www.exide-ing.co.za and fill in all required information.
  6. The Exide wallet will serve as a means of tracking sales and how much rewards an employee has earned. To do this, employees must provide the following mandatory information,
    – Invoice number
    – Battery code
    – Midas branch
    – Quantity of Exide batteries sold as per the invoice
  7. By registering all your battery sales on the app, you’re well on the way to becoming an Exide-ing legend. However, we need to measure your sales on a monthly basis. When uploading your invoices, please ensure they are for the present month and not past months. So only upload battery sales from November, in November. Invoices from previous months will NOT be registered.
  8. Employees may either redeem their rewards as airtime vouchers or partner reward vouchers.
  9. Exide rewards are not transferable.
  10. 20 Reward points will be allocated for every Exide battery sold.