10. What battery recycling process does First National Battery follow?


  1. Batteries are collected through Battery Centre franchises and other sources around the country.
  2. Scrap batteries are transported to the smelter in Benoni.
  3. Batteries are processed through a battery breaker, separating lead, plastic and acid.
  4. The acid is neutralised and processed through the effluent plant before being disposed of in accordance with environmental regulations.
  5. The plastic components are washed and converted into pellets to be re-used in the manufacturing of new battery containers and covers by First National Battery.
  6. The battery plates, terminals and other lead pieces are stockpiled for refining and blending with other materials to produce lead alloys for new batteries.
  7. Any elements of the scrap batteries that can’t be reclaimed are disposed of in a compressed cake form in a Class 1 dump.