Off-the-grid deliveries and not a fume in sight

Off-the-grid deliveries and not a fume in sight

SAB and AB InBev Africa is taking a leap toward eco-friendly power and deliveries, with the recent launch of their fully-electric trucks.

Packing an impressive battery with a power output of 82.8kWh, these Mitsubishi Fuso eCanter trucks can travel a range of 120km on a single charge.

Boasting zero emissions, the step by SAB is the first of its kind in Africa.
At current, these electric delivery vehicles are operating in Germany, Japan, Portugal and now, South Africa.

While these vehicles are a step in the right direction, it brings about the need to look at the future of motoring. This is why one of South Africa’s leading battery suppliers, has expanded their offering to include lithium-ion batteries, solar powered batteries and standby batteries that are perfect to power-up those renewable energy sources.

In addition to taking their deliveries off grid, SAB have also implemented solar-powered facilities, which will gradually move their production process completely off-the-grid.

With facilities like these, more battery solutions are required, and Exide are the perfect brand based on their presence in the South African automotive battery segment. Their proud history speaks to powering thousands of motorists and in recent times, powering homes and small businesses through their battery solutions that include commercial, motoring, leisure and motorcycle offerings.

To explore Exide’s battery offering, visit your nearest Exide dealer.