Battery Power For Load Shedding And Solar Applications

With the advent of higher levels of load shedding, many people have gone into the business opportunity of providing back-up power, and alternative energy sources. As a result, the information available to the public varies between highly technical and sound, to completely unsophisticated and incorrect. It’s the incorrect information that will give the batteries an unfair bad name – and end up costing the consumer lots of money.

The purpose of this article is therefore to educate, and direct the public to call a suitably qualified person to get the right advice before trusting anyone with what can become a costly exercise.

This is especially relevant on the battery side of this business transaction, as there are varied options and technologies when connecting the battery to the backup, so to speak.

We recommend that anyone in search of professional advice on the battery portion of a back-up system, to email and someone from FNB will contact you.

First point of departure is the simple note below, where currently many people are making the mistake.

NOTE: Starter batteries are NOT designed to be used in cycling applications. Starter batteries WILL fail prematurely if cycled.

A cycling application is what you are using batteries in a back-up system for. Cycling = continuously discharging and recharging of batteries.


Battery power for load shedding and solar applications

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